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Pantone Matching, Stock Ink Colors, and Specialty Inks

Use the chart below to choose a stock ink color for your project. 

Stock ink colors are not based on Pantone swatches.

This Pantone and Hex information is based on the nearest optical match to the ink swatch.

Custom Pantone Colors



   Adding shimmer effect to your design using Glitter Inks



Adding raised 3D effect to your design using Puff Inks

Puff Inks are perfect for adding a 3d effect to your design. Designs with strong bold details and strong lines are recommended. Due to limitations with the ink, some smaller details and thinner lines cannot be achieved.
Puff Inks are not as long-lasting as traditional inks. The raised print can be more prone to eventual cracking than a thin layer of ink.


Adding tone-on-tone effect using Clear Base Inks